New Home Warranty Coverage

“The personal attention received from Nick was exceptional and unexpected.  He is an incredibly dedicated, high caliber builder and on top of his game. His exceptional knowledge of building and real estate, out of the box solutions and creativity, attention to detail made for smooth build out, with each and every aspect.”  


       (2008-J-3509) Sonya J.


Every new home is protected by a number of warranties of varying duration. Bortle Custom Homes OPTIONAL written warranty is defined in the RWC Warranty Booklet (sample copies are available from Bortle Custom Homes and Renee Tucker and are provided prior to entering the Contract).


Bortle Custom Homes subcontractors fulfill all warranty service calls.  You should not have warranty work performed by third parties, as Bortle Custom Homes does not reimburse for third-party work.  Such work may void existing warranties on your home. Bortle Custom Homes is dedicated to ensuring service calls are completed by licensed, qualified contractors familiar with our homes and the products we use.


“The Bortle Custom Home Warranties” all transfer automatically to any subsequent property owners if the property changes ownership during the original term of the warranty.


If you have opted for the OPTIONAL RWC Warranty, at settlement, the application enrolling the property in the RWC Warranty Program is completed. You will receive a copy. The warranty coverage begins at settlement.   Typically, within 45-60 days after closing, you will receive a certificate of coverage and an official warranty booklet by mail from RWC once they process your enrollment application.


Many products used in the home have extended manufacturer’s warranties.   The certificates and registration cards pertaining to those warranties are left in the home. Please complete and submit any registration cards on these as indicated by the manufacturers.


Seller will make One Year Warranty repairs at the end of the first year after Closing.  It is the sole responsibility of Purchaser, to prepare a typed list of items to be addressed and delivered to Seller, thirty days prior to the One Year Warranty Period expiration.  Should a typed list not be furnished to Seller per these specifications, Seller will have fulfilled his obligations to Purchaser under the One Year Warranty Period.


Appliance Service

For warranty repairs on appliances purchased through Bortle Custom Homes, homeowners should contact the supplier.


Manufacturer’s Warranties

Service for manufacturers’ warranties may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer as indicated on the appropriate certificate of warranty. Bortle Custom Homes does not need to be contacted unless the aspect of the home is still covered under the RWC Warranty.



Experience has proven we can service you more efficiently and in a more organized manner if you follow our warranty procedures.   Please do not contact the sales offices, listing agent or stop construction personnel to report warranty items.  To report items you can:

1.             For emergency service ONLY call (443) 305-2844;

2.            Routine warranty items should be sent via email your concerns to; or

3.            Mail directly to:

                                                Bortle Custom Homes, Inc.

                                                2008 Poplar Ridge Road

                                                Pasadena, Md. 21122

                                                Attention:  Customer Care


*No phone calls or letters handed to construction personnel in the field will be accepted. Your cooperation with our warranty procedures is greatly appreciated.


Please refer to your Residential Warranty Corporation book for the 1, 2 or 10 year warranty on your home.




Emergencies  are  defined  as  loss  of heat,  major  plumbing  leaks,  gas odors or an electrical  problem  that is dangerous.   In the case of a gas leak (inside or outside your house), immediately notify the gas company that supplies your gas.


A list of emergency phone numbers for the subcontractors that worked on your house is supplied during the new home orientation. Please notify Bortle Custom Homes, Inc at 443-305-2844 and the appropriate subcontractor in case of an emergency.


Please utilize these emergency phone numbers for emergencies only!!!


The warranties provided by Bortle Custom Homes offer homeowners the assurance Bortle Custom Homes will work with the homeowner to maintain and protect the quality of their investment in the new home. In addition to the builder’s responsibilities, the homeowner has certain roles to play in the care and protection of the home. Modern products have greatly reduced the amount of maintenance required to keep new homes looking beautiful, but some care is still require d.

 Warranty Service is administered by Bortle Custom Homes and by our subcontractors over the life of the warranty.  All requests are to be submitted in writing directly to Bortle Custom Homes.

Bortle Custom Homes does not automatically schedule warranty service intervals, or contact homeowners for their list.  Homeowners should itemize any warranty repair and forward them to Bortle Custom Homes, in writing.

*** In the event a home buyer feels the assistance of a third party is needed in resolving a warranty issue, the home buyer should then contact RWC for assistance as indicated in the written warranty document.