What Can you Expect from an RWC Warranty?

When you buy a new product, you expect it to work as intended.  When a new car has a problem, you check the warranty to see whether the dealer or manufacturer must pay for the repair.  A written warranty is your assurance of product satisfaction.


Does your new home include a warranty?  Since a home is one of the most expensive items you will buy, you should expect it to come with a written warranty.  After all, you expect your home to outlast many valuables and increase in value.  Doesn’t your investment deserve more than an implied warranty, handshake or promise?


When your builder includes an RWC New Home Warranty with your home, you can be assured that your new home was built by a professional and meets certain industry standards of quality construction.


After you move in, your RWC Warranty specifies what will be done to correct problems that may arise from the components used in constructing your home.

When you buy a home, protect your investment with the warranty that is only available through qualified and approved RWC Home Builders.  RWC provides extended written warranty protection on new homes nationwide.  To qualify for RWC membership, a home builder must have a successful track record in customer service and quality construction.  Bortle Custom Homes, Inc. has met these qualifications and can now provide this home warranty plan.


Nick Bortle/ President… “This added dimension of RWC protection is the buyer’s assurance they are receiving the best value for their investment.”


Bortle Custom Homes, Inc. feels its buyers should expect the best value and construction.  That is why they have chosen to offer the RWC New Home Warranty- providing peace of mind to their home buyers. 


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